Public Agenda

Published: 07 November 2022


Clerk/Clerc: S. Baxter Telephone/ffon: 07470602612 Email:

7th November 2022

The next meeting of the Abenbury Community Council will be held next Monday 14th of November 2022 at 7 p.m. , to be held at Pentre Gwyn Community Centre , and remotely as a VIDEO CONFERENCE meeting to transact the following business.

Yours faithfully
SJ Baxter Clerk of the Council


1. Apologies for Absence
2. Declarations of Interest. The Chair will remind all Members of the need to declare any personal or prejudicial interest in items on the agenda, either at the beginning of the meeting or when the relevant item arises.
3. Public Participation: The Council should adjourn for 5 minutes to allow members of the public to ask questions or make statements (NB Councillors should not enter discussion with the public at this time as to do so would be contrary to the advice of the Welsh Government.)
4. Crime report and Policing Matters
5. Minutes of the meeting held on 10th of October 2022 (copy attached).
6. Matters arising from the Minutes.
7. Council Vacancy
8. Financial Matters, Budget, Audit and Accounts
i. Payments Approval report
ii. NALC revised salary scales for Clerks
9. Progress on Community Centre site
10. Progress on Community Council Website
11. Goal Ends Maes Brenin – consideration of further information received from Wrexham
12. Clerk’s Report and Correspondence
13. To consider any Planning application requests received under Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended) (Please view documents in advance of meeting on Wrexham Council Planning portal):
i. P/2022/0943: First floor side extension:–21 Goodwood grove, Wrexham
14. Reports from Members.
15. Next meeting – Monday 9th of January 2023 at 7.00pm.
i To take place under the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021(following The Local Authorities (Coronavirus)(Meetings)(Wales) Regulations 2020. which make provision for meetings to take place remotely and as Hybrid meetings. A Member, or member of the public, can attend the meeting in person or via their PC.
ii. Members must declare personal and/or prejudicial interests in items on the agenda. Members should also declare any gift or hospitality over the value of £25. The Clerk can provide the appropriate forms for these purposes.

If any resident of Abenbury wishes to attend the meeting concerning any of the above agenda items, please e–mail or telephone the Clerk beforehand contact details above).